All Event Times are EDT  Eastern - New York time.

* Is tonight’s concert going to be available to purchase on DVD like years past? We are very interested in having a copy to watch over and over.

A. Not currently, but we are working on the after the show.  We are also working on making the concert available On-Demand  

* We have friends that want to watch tonight. Do they just purchase the $12 ticket and they will be sent a link to watch?

A. Yes. Patrons will be sent a link after ticket purchase.

* Finally, if someone wants to buy tonight’s ticket, is it only a live event or is it recorded so they can watch tomorrow?" 

A. No.  The concert is streaming live.  At this point the is no option for replay.  Access is from 7pm until it's over.

What is the difference between classes.tapology.org and registration.tapology.org?

A: Registration.tapology.org creates your account and gets you into the website at classes.tapology.org.  At classes.tapology.org you find class schedules under Upcoming Events, class instructions and any assignments.

Where can I find a schedule of all classes for the whole weekend?

A: At the bottom of the Registration.Tapology.org page.  Link is Class Schedules

Where can I find the schedule of classes in my skill level?

A: In your Classes.Tapology.org home page.  Just below the announcement area, in the calendar and labelled Upcoming Events

How will I get my links to live classes?

A:  The link to classes will go out 2 hours before an event occurs.  Links will go to your registered email address. 

What if I don't remember which address I registered with?

A:  Log into your account at classes.tapology.org  (you need your username and your password)  Look at the top, right corner, select your account image or user name, to check your email address on file.  You can change it there or keep the address on file. 

What if I can't remember my password?

A: Links for recovering your password are on each login page at the bottom of the login box.  The reset link will be sent to the address you originally registered with.


Register @  registration.tapology.org

Classes @   classes.tapology.org

When do I choose my classes?

A:  You are registering for your skill level.  Workshops are virtual, you can take any of the classes in your skill level.

If you are registered, you will get links to classes in your level, panel discussions, and special events that you signed up for - like Elective Classes, concert, panel discussions.

If you want to take classes in different skill levels: email karentipper@tapology.org with the additional classes you want to take.  We will make the additional classes available to you. 

2 hours before class/event, a link will be emailed to the email you registered with for classes. 

Please do not share your links.  Tapology depends on the support of users, foundations, and donors to bring programs to under served communities.

Can I attend classes from different skill levels

Ex: 1 Advanced workshop, and 1 Intermediate workshop?

A:  If you want to take classes in different skill levels: email karentipper@tapology.org with the additional classes you want to take.  We will make the additional classes available to you. 

I have a scholarship?  How do I register?  The registration page asks for a payment?

A.  If you have been awarded a scholarship, send a scholarship request to karentipper@tapology.org  Include the name of the Instructor who notified you of the award. 

All scholarshipped registrants should begin requests by Thursday 10/21/20 @ 9am

What are Panel Discussions?

A:  Panel Discussions are opportunities to hear your Tapology instructors hold talks on topics that are current, important and of social value.  After the moderated discussion, there is an opportunity to ask questions. 

Sign up for these panel discussions during registration @ registration.tapology.org.

How do I get Concert Tickets?

A:  Concert tickets are sold from our ticket site

Get there easily by going to : tapology.org then click on the Concert Tickets link at the top of the page.

Or copy and paste the following code into your browsers address bar.


Where do I buy a t-shirt or sweat pants?

A:  Purchase Tapology Wearables.  T-shirts, sweat-pants, etc.  Here: https://tapologywear.myshopify.com/

Should I add my picture to the classes.tapology site?

A:  If you intend to continue classes, YES.  Please make your account home page personal.  Tap dancer chat will be available in the future and lots more. 

Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Please help us build this section by sending them to karentipper@tapology.org.  Please label your email FAQ questions.